Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hillary Clinton US State Department 2012/ OUT of Syria and Iran/ NO World War 3!

Ms Hillary Clinton
US State Department
Washington, DC


Miss Clinton-

Get OUT of Syria and Iran.  The USA has NO BUSINESS in either of these countries.  END the jewish rothschild/CIA FUNDED assault on these nations immediately.  You are leading the world into a global thermonuclear conflict.

Iran and Syria have a right and an obligation to defend themselves from jewish/rothschild terrorist interests propagated by the murderous/genocidal nation of Israel.

In fact, to prevent WW3, you would do well to ARM IRAN with thermonuclear weapons as quickly as possible so she can defend herself from jewish/zionist plans to plunge the world into a thermonuclear HOLOCAUST.

Billions of lives are at stake here.   End this jewish sponsored Insanity.  Global eugenics policies such as these have NO PLACE in an advanced world civilization on Earth. 

No cover for the coming global economic collapse, either.  This is NOT the way forward.

You must learn to BUILD a global green economy for the USA and all the nations and peoples of the world- this is the ONLY way out for this civilization.

Let us put an END to global military funding and war forever.  War is obselete.

Take the TRILLIONS that go into the Global Military Industrial Intelligence Security Complex and INVEST those funds into BUILDING the foundation for a new Green World Order.

2012 is the year where the future of humanity will be decided.  Choose life and not death. 

Steve Jones
Left Coast

Saving the Planet:

The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion:

Nuff said.

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