Thursday, November 15, 2012

FIRE the Santa Cruz Public Library Directorate!

To Whom It may Concern: Nov 15, 2012 -------------------------------------------------- The Santa Cruz Public Library needs to return the FREE BOOK exchange to the main lobby of the downtown library and to ALL the other library branches throughout the county. The library has illegally STOLEN the free book exchange from the community commons and it needs to be immediately returned to the citizenry. The library needs to REMOVE the spy and surveillance cameras in the front downtown lobby and STOP selling books in the front lobbies of ALL the public library branches throughout the county. Books are FREE. The santa cruz public library system has illegally instituted an economic APARTHEID system of who and cannot afford books to purchase and read. The library needs to CEASE and DESIST from stealing public fliers and brochures that are put out to the community on OUR community bulletin boards and displays. This is Illegal and a blatant violation of our 1st amendment right to free speech. The Santa Cruz Public Library is also engaged in CENSORING what free books do and do not get shelved out in the front lobbies of all library branches. Most books being put out are extreme right wing military and/or right wing christian texts that have NO PLACE in this county. What we have here is a fascist right wing military police state operation promoting their lies and propaganda throughout OUR public library system. This has got to STOP immedaitely. Regarding internet access and use, the library is engaged in ILLEGAL spying and surveillance of public patrons by forcing users to divulge their state ID number in order to receive and use a library card. Without a card, patrons cannot access the internet, and when they do, they are FORCED into having to "log-in" with their library card number, giving the local mafia-run police state the ability ILLEGALLY track, monitor and record users internet activity. I hereby publicly call for the current director of the Santa Cruz Public Library, along with the rest of the extreme right wing military police state operatives here, to be immediately FIRED from their jobs here in Santa Cruz County. It is clear that every attempt is being made to censor what books go out to the public. It is also clear that every attempt is being made to illegally track and spy on patron's internet activity. There is NO PLACE for such fascist right wing military police state activity in this county. Community and Progressive voices are being Censored and we're losing our democracy and our future because of right wing police state SCUM such as this. Time to THROW them Out!!!! Regards, Steve Jones Local Santa Cruzan UC Graduate Santa Cruz CC: local, state and federal government and the media

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