Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FIRE the Santa Cruz Public Library Director and Directorate

Mayor/City County/City Manager/County of Santa Cruz:


I would like to take this opportunity to direct the city of Santa Cruz to FIRE the current director and directorate of the
Santa Cruz Public Library system.

Here are my main reasons:

1. A few years ago, the downtown library ruthlessly took over the FREE BOOK EXCHANGE in the front lobby
of the downtown Library.  They then began selling books and illegally spying on patrons with surveillance cameras.

2. The public event boards and areas for free fliers and information at all library branches has been insidiously used to restrict
free public information and CENSOR any fliers, pamphlets or materials made available by the public.

3. This library system fails to provide proper privacy protection to its patrons when using the computer/internet network
by FORCING patrons to divulge their identity when logging onto the internet.

To go into detail, a public library is a public institution that is instituted to provide access to books, magazines,
newspapers and other audio-visual-multimedia materials to patrons for FREE.  It is NOT a business that should be selling
books for profit in the front lobby or inside branch entrances, thereby creating an economic apartheid system of denying reading
materials to patrons simply due to their lack of funds or their inability to pay.  As well, spying on patrons with surveillance cameras in
ANY public facility is illegal and an affront to the dignity, respect and integrity of the public.

Secondly, the 1st amendment is the LAW in this country.  Citizens have a right to put out any flier, poster, or any
other informational material they wish, WITHOUT the approval or consent of library personnel at any branch.  As it is now,
dubious guidelines have been instituted that RESTRICT and CENSOR free speech throughout the Santa Cruz Public
Library system.  Much free "non-approved" public fliers and information that certain library personnel
don't like or approve of goes missing and stolen on a daily basis.  This is particularily true for the downtown  branch.

Thirdly, the right to personal PRIVACY is also the LAW in this country.  The 4th amendment protects citizens rights to
unwarranted, unreasonable and illegal searches of patrons internet activity or identity.  Having to use a personal
library indentification number to be able to "log-on" and use the internet is a gross violation of personal privacy and
opens the door to ILLEGAL police state spying and surveillance of what SHOULD be private, confidential and anonymous
use of the internet.

Noting these infractions, it is HIGH TIME to FIRE the current director and directorate of the Santa Cruz Public Library

The public needs a public library system that provides FREE books and reading materials to the public, does NOT illegally spy and surveil the public
BOTH with surveillance cameras and with a forced identification internet use policy, and respects and upholds the right of free speech
for all library patrons.


Chuck Wagner
Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, California

e-mail:  yikedog@lawyer.com

CC: SC Library Director
       Santa Cruz City Manager
       Santa Cruz County Comissioners
       Santa Cruz City Council
       Governor Jerry Brown
       Representative Sam Farr
       Santa Cruz Sentinel
       Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors

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