Thursday, February 9, 2012

USPS Filled with Thieves, is Corrupt, is Dysfunctional- Time to Decommission This Corrupt Institution

Was denied being able to buy 2 chinese new years
stamps yesterday at the santa cruz, california USA branch post office.  CHANGE YOUR POLICY to allow customers to buy single stamps.  You're in business to sell stamps.  If people want to buy one or two chinese new years stamps, then let them (us) DO IT!
Its no wonder USPS is bankrupt and hated by the public.  To deny any customer the ability to buy stamps at any post office is INSANE!  Grow up you idiots!  Its no wonder USPS is going down.
Also, your customer service has NOT acknowledged the theft of an expensive watch at your scotts valley, california USA branch.
You've got thieves inside your post processing facilities here.
The post office here in santa cruz has ILLEGALLY denied the ability of customers to recieve "general delivery" mail more than one month.
You need to open up "general delivery" service at your other santa cruz and scotts valley, california branches- which are currently denied service.
I want the postmaster of santa cruz california branch FIRED.
General Delivery service to your aptos, california branch is rife with problems.  3 times now i had problems having mail delivered- even when the USPS confirmation number says that a package has arrived.
This post office is infested with right wing military types who are trying to deny mail to customers they don't like.
USPS here on the central coast of california is corrupt, its out of control and the entire system is dysfunctional, backward and broken.  The lines are too long, you don't have enough employees to staff the windows.
I'm absolutely fed up with USPS and i want this institution decommissioned, dismantled and destroyed.
This e-mail is going out the the President of the USA, my local congressional and senatorial representatives and locally through the media.

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